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Other photos of the new building

The dream slowly realized

New Pre-College Formation House


In the midst of the problem of priests in the Church, it is truly a blessing that the Diocese of San Pablo continues to attract more young men for the priesthood. Its diocesan seminary, the St. Peter’s College Seminary, experiences a steady increase of applicants each year. This Academic Year 2009-2010, this grace of God is very much felt when the seminary welcomed thirty-six students in its Institute of Formation – Pre-College Department, the highest in its 28 years of existence.


But with the continual growth of the community comes the practical problems of logistics. The dormitory pre-college communal dormitory, used since the beginning of the seminary, has now become inadequate for this present number of students. Other seminary facilities like the refectory and comfort rooms which they share with 58 college seminarians, have also become insufficient to fully meet their needs.


In response to this, the opening of the academic year also saw the inauguration of the project to construct a new Pre-College Formation House within the seminary complex. This was actually planned before by the diocese, but with the lack of resources, was for a long time pended. But with the initiative of the present priest-formators, it was finally approved by the diocese. This plan also meets the vision of the Updated Philippine Program for Priestly Formation on the holistic development of the future priests of the diocese. Separating the program of the Institute of Formation from the College Department will give more focus on preparing these newly-accepted students for the demands of the college seminary life.


The Pre-College Formation House is a two-storey building, providing seven big rooms for approximately 35-40 residents. It will also house two rooms for priest formators, oratory, classroom, library, refectory and small kitchen, living room, and common toilets and bathrooms. Besides serving the pre-college students, the new house may be offered as a venue for the on-going formation of priests, the youth, and lay leaders of the Church.


The construction was formally blessed on August 12, 2009. With God’s help, the formators are hoping that the building will be functional by the next academic year, ready to welcome more brave men who will respond to God’s call.


The Proposed Pre - College Building