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Foundation and Associations


The Chair of St. Peter Foundation, Inc. is an independent entity whose main goal is to raise funds for the scholarship program of the seminary by recruiting members who can give contributions to the foundation. It was founded in November 1990 for the sole purpose of offering scholarship grants to deserving seminarians studying at St. Peter’s College Seminary.

The foundation profile states: “The granting of scholarship is a continuing project to support these scholars in their studies until their ordination to the priesthood with the undertaking that they serve the Diocese of San Pablo after ordination.” 

The scholarship grant begins in the first year philosophy and ends when a seminarian finishes Theology. A seminarian is granted the scholarship upon the recommendation of the Rector of St. Peter’s College Seminary. He remains a scholar as long as he maintains at least the general weighted average of 85 every semester.

Friends of St. Peter Association

Since July 6, 1981, when St. Peter’s College Seminary was founded, the vocation to the priesthood in the Diocese of San Pablo has increased. Ten years after, the Chair of St. Peter Foundation, Incorporated was created in order to offer financial assistance by way of scholarship grants to as many deserving seminarians. Indeed, it has been a great help to the seminary.

However, there are other basic needs that have not been fully considered, like the upgrading of the library, the just remuneration of its workers, the funding of some academic programs, the improvement of its facilities, and some financial help to the most in need seminarians.

On this regard, the seminary formators have organized this association of friends that can attend to the basic needs of the seminary.

What is the Friends of St. Peter Association?

The Friends of St. Peter Association is a non-profit, non-stock organization that acts as a supporting pillar of the seminary in improving its facilities for a better quality of formation and a noble sustenance of its workers. It is a charitable association nurtured with Christian values and inspired by an apostolic zeal to pray and help financially the seminary.

What are the objectives of the FSPA?

The Friends of St. Peter Association is committed to attain the following goals:

to provide scholarship grants to some poor and most deserving seminarians;

to assist in the subscription of books and journals, and the updating of the seminary library, laboratory, and computer workshop;

to promote a noble and just way of living in the seminary; and

to support the academic programs that could enhance a better quality of education.



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365 CLUB


 The seminary has many necessities to meet. One of which is the ample supply of food for its residents: the priests, seminarians, and personnel. In this regard, the institution also relies on generous people who share their blessings by donating goods or monetary amount.


Taking this good idea, the administration decided to launch the 365 Club on December, 2006. It aims to gather people who would donate a sack of rice or monetary amount equivalent to it for just one day of the year, until all 365 days of the year are covered. It directly answers the provision of rice, since it is estimated that the residents consume an average of a sack of rice a day, not to mention some gatherings and celebrations held in the seminary involving many friends and visitors.


At present, many kind-hearted people have already joined the club, some even donating more than once a year. It is their choice on what kind their donation would be, either by sacks of rice, or monetary assistance, in form of cash or cheque. Each member receives a membership card which entitles him to all the prayer benefits and Mass intentions in the seminary community. This is the only way the residents can repay such generosity.  

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